Did you Know EVERY cell, muscle, organ has a connection to the Brain?

Telling you Chiropractic is great for back pain and headaches would only be the very tip of a enormous iceberg. At Murphy Family Chiropractic we assess all aspects of a patients health, form nutrition, exercise and to proper spinal maintenance. In this office we set our patients up for success by setting up reachable goals along the course of treatment.

People under chiropractic care get sick less, and are on less drugs then the general population.  Why is that? Because Chiropractic is based on the FACT that our bodies can heal all by themselves. We adjust patients 2 weeks to 90 years old, providing many techniques to suit the patients needs.

Chiropractic is the science, art and technique of the removal of nerve interference, also known as a Subluxation. The Central Nervous system runs the entire body, constantly sending and receiving information from the nerves that exit the spine. If a organ/tissue is getting and receiving the proper amount of nerve signal then it is at “ease”. If a organ/tissue is not getting enough or getting too much nerve signal then it is at “dis-ease”.

What creates subluxation in our spine is a combination of…

Chemical Stress- What we eat, drink, breath in.

Physical Stress- Falls, accidents, athletics, sedentary life.

Emotional Stress- Work, finances, relationships.

Come by the office of call and see what Chiropractic can do for you!!